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2017 Shanghai international hotels and commercial space engineering and design exhibition highlights

Date: 2017-04-17

By real estate, hotel and design of Shanghai engineering and design exhibition, international hotel and commercial space will be on April 26 to 29, 2017 in Shanghai new international expo center held a grand!As the industry's annual event, the exhibition attracted not only the construction decoration industry leading brand, focus on present material world originality, more activities with the same period "Shanghai architecture and interior design week", the colorful design class activities, assemble real estate, construction, design, material change, make design the dazzle "April day"!And industry leaders gathered in the design of new materialsAs one of hotel phase ii series, Shanghai engineering and design exhibition international hotel and commercial space according to the terminal buyers purchase demand, planning the construction decoration, engineering design, interior design, lighting intelligent four display area.

Jane a, in the new source, milk, post-secondary, oracle, rui DiAn, fine ceramics, chengfang, societe generale, daikin, JiaRong, wind, wave, days lang, green island and grace, British Norma stern, tomorrowland, abbot furniture, MIRTOS, mousse, amazon, leishi lighting, philips, mann goodly, chase, hong yan, Shang Shi lighting, originality, and many other top brands at home and abroad, at Shanghai new international expo center no.e1 - E4 pavilion, displaying high-end green building decoration materials, advanced intelligent management system and equipment, and reduction of real cutting-edge design concepts, help the material, the product new business value, brand design concept, develop the most promising new market.