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Butterfly cake sell web celebrity from high-end to populist heat Shanghai international hotel

Date: 2017-04-15

In the 1930 s, it is "far east first high-rise", domestic and foreign celebrities followed, mei lanfang, Chaplin in the old friends reunited, soong mei-ling and Mrs. Roosevelt in the room on the second floor.

In 1950, Shanghai land registry pole for the origin at the center of the top international hotel, plane coordinate system in Shanghai city.Today, the old Chrysler in this enjoy afternoon tea, recall the past, young people follow a fragrance, in order to taste the classic butterfly cake.It is the international hotel nanjing west road.

Past 83 years of ups and downs, the height of the "far east first" into the city skyline, but it won't be overwritten profound historical background."Before the former Wang Xietang yan, flying off", a new chapter of international hotel I already by ordinary you open quietly.The tallest cities are center in the far east24 floors, 83.8 meters high, in those days international hotel is famous for "the far east's tallest building".In 1934 by "Chinese planning, Chinese investment, people built, Chinese business" international hotel was born.Park road, the investors in jing an temple is today's nanjing road west of the Yellow River crossing, spend money to buy land, build the country's first super luxury hotel.

Most of its famous architect tak as design, construction materials and equipment imported from countries such as America, Germany, Mr, coupled with the interior and the configuration of high-grade equipment, $eight million of the giant international hotel is a well-deserved "the far east's tallest building".The height of 83.8 meters more keep its record this building fifty years, the modern architecture in Shanghai and even in China, is unique in the history.

In 1983, the Shanghai hotel with 92 meters high city, refresh the original record international hotel.Entered the fast lane of city construction and development of Shanghai, from now on for the more and more high-rise buildings, more international hotel has long been in the shadow of the forest of ultra-high buildings around.However, the height of the floor can be refreshed and the center of the international hotel is still the same, its profound historical culture has its own a charm more and attract visitors away from home and abroad that a revolving door.