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Renoir works this week at the Shanghai art fair

Date: 2014-11-11

"Shanghai art expo 2014" will be on November 13 to 16, held in Shanghai mart.The exposition hosted by Shanghai culture development foundation, from Spain, France, the United States, Russia and other 12 countries and regions, 148 galleries;At the same time, thousands of Chinese painting, oil painting, sculpture, printmaking, video, installation, such as ceramic art involved in trading.Among them, the famous French impressionist renoir "card nie HuanYi female", will be one of the highlight of the Shanghai art fair.
HuanYi female of the card's creation in 1912, before and after is created when renoir old age, the current value is RMB 4.5 million yuan (not including tax).And at the same time appear on the Shanghai art fair, there are a large number of contemporary famous book on the art market at present hot sea.In Shanghai art is known as "double shu" famous artists YuXiaoFu and YuZhongBao, there will be a big oil painting in Shanghai art fair in appearance;XiaoGu, the executive vice President of Shanghai painting sculpture court is "castle peak ruihua" oil painting series in Shanghai art fair.
The theme for the Shanghai art fair, "" collection is fashion, the venue, a total of four pavilions, 173 booths.A pavilion and four pavilions as "Chinese and foreign galleries zone", which have three Russian art "theme exhibition", "south Korean gallery theme exhibition", "Europa art theme exhibition".Center as "China ceramic art museum", the three for the exhibition of Shanghai art fair young artist promotion.Organizers said that this year's exhibition galleries give full consideration to the Shanghai local collectors and art consumer tastes and interests, more populist on price positioning, work style and the style is basic on the basis of traditional realism into the fashionable element.