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International hotel ", a 78 - year - old "deserves to embrace" Shanghai famous trademark"

Date: 2012-03-22

Already known at home and abroad of the Shanghai international hotel, in its 78 - year - old "old age", when finally called: "Shanghai famous trademark" sign hung up the wall that once the "far east first high-rise".
Shanghai administration for industry and commerce on March 22, leadership in international hotel, issue "Shanghai famous trademark" sign at the scene, said the move aims to maintain and carry forward the Chinese old brand, support social innovation development of the well-known enterprises.
International hotel was built in 1934, is the first by the Chinese people (four lines savings would) investment construction, operation and management of modern hotel, lasting and extensive reputation at home and abroad. International hotel building height 83.8 meters, once ChiYu "far east first high-rise", "Shanghai's tallest building" thirty years for fifty years. In 1950, the hotel is Shanghai has identified as the origin of coordinates of surveying and mapping, to play a unique role in the development of Shanghai city. The 2006 international hotel is listed as "national key cultural relics protection unit" by the state council. Has been rated as "China time-honored brand enterprise".
It is understood that "Shanghai famous trademark" does not see more in the Shanghai international hotel, is rare in the domestic brands of high star hotel. International hotel to declare the Shanghai famous trademark, it shows that in the process of history, the hotel attaches great importance to the innovation and development, safeguard the rights and interests of maintenance enterprise attaches great importance to the use of laws and regulations.