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"Height" of Shanghai skyscrapers into view

Date: 2013-08-03

Tourists from Canada James couple 3 stations in Shanghai lujiazui ring bridge, at the sight of center, Shanghai world financial center and jin MAO tower, three super skyscrapers, changing Angle, viewing pictures, "too spectacular!" James says.
James couples didn't know it, the Shanghai tower coincided with the cap structure, has become the new "at the top of the" Shanghai.
As one of the most centralized city skyscrapers in China, the "height" city of Shanghai is rising in nearly a year, today, skyscrapers in the city has become the most important landscape.
Before the 20th century, Shanghai is the highest reconstruction in northern song dynasty, longhua tower of the tower is 40.6 meters tall. It was not until 1910 that westerners in xujiahui to build a new church, the 56 metres beyond the longhua pagoda. Completed in 1927, 78.2 m high of the customs house, the "height" of Shanghai began to shift along the huangpu river.
After the 1930 s, the "height" in Shanghai has been refreshed, hungarians wu tak design of Shanghai international hotel opened in 1934, the height of 83.8 meters, since built become the pronoun of "Shanghai high" for a long time, this was "far east first high-rise" has experienced the war years, until after the reform and opening up the shen's tallest building.
After the reform and opening up, Shanghai into the rapid development of high-rise buildings springing up constantly. In 1987, the first modern foreign office fellowship building, raised the height of Shanghai urban construction above 100 meters, then the Shanghai centre, China merchants tower, XinJinQiao tower, such as the height of the "Shanghai" to 200 m times.
In 1999, the 88 - storey jin MAO tower, the Shanghai height to 420.5 meters at a stroke, became China's tallest building.
Completed in 2008, the world financial center, create new Shanghai skyline at a height of 492 meters, sit on the tall building "in the" Shanghai.
And the seal of Shanghai tower on the same day, will this record up to 580 meters, and with the jinmao tower, world financial center, together constitute the lujiazui skyline "golden triangle".
But from the beginning of the center of Shanghai, Shanghai pursuit of skyscrapers, is no longer a simple height. Shanghai tower construction development co., LTD., chairman of Kong Qingwei said, "the Shanghai center is not simply copy a higher floor, we need to realize the great city of the great buildings."
He describes as "great", refers to the center of Shanghai's pursuit of green, wisdom, and cultural concept. According to introducing, the Shanghai center has become China's first obtain the tallest skyscraper in the green certification level. In addition, it USES the forefront of the Internet, the Internet of things and cloud computing technology, creatively set up inside the building can provide service of cloud computer room for 15000 people, and the introduction of the museum, bookstores and other cultural forms.
Center of Shanghai lujiazui district will be the final completion of high-rise building, and the future of Shanghai will "grow" again?