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"Jiangnan" guangxi month open special mallet wu sheng held old Shanghai next month

Date: 2013-08-27

Wu sheng 2013 "jiangnan" guangxi month paper essays offer special opened on September 12, the hammer, the items involved in this special old stock, bronze, calligraphy and painting, paper, porcelain arts and crafts, etc., the auction activity is the most notable hot paper essays offer precious part of old photos.
"Jiangnan" guangxi month paper essays offer special collected a heavyweight items - 1880 s long curly panorama, the bund was taken by the photo studio of Shanghai's famous male at that time. It s around 1884, by 12 pictures protein splicing, see south to French concession, hongkou district on the north, the whole picture framed into dampened, forms, is now known to circulate on the market the longest panorama of the bund.
The other received an early republic of China, nanjing road Shanghai racetrack and panorama long, unique perspective, imposing manner, the monkey will always site, Shanghai golden gate hotel, international hotel Shanghai, trillion fang studio, German medical Dong Zhenmin, the birth of Chinese tunic suit shop - RongChangXiang, nanjing road, such as visible landmarks, busy scene recreates the generation of the republic of China.
The greatest battle of Shanghai is the first important battle in the Anti-Japanese War. Fang studio was taken two battles the battle: a memoir, "precious original photo albums recorded the two battles in detail the system from the preparation, before the war fought courageously fight, the whole process of the Japanese aggression against China, is one of the important physical and precious historical the Japanese aggression against China.