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23 session of Shanghai international hotel supplies exposition: desktop products exhibition

Date: 2013-08-23

At present, the hotel and the restaurant chain enterprise competition has risen to the enterprise culture and service details of the competition, the operators to continuously seek management characteristic, innovation, whether dining environment, or desktop products is also attracting the attention of the operator, and tableware in this competition is the embodiment of the details, and the design of the restaurant tableware style to bring out the best in each other, perfect design, exquisite tableware can not only improve the level of the hotel, but also reflects the hotel's taste in details and considerate. In order to meet the requirements of the operator desktop products enterprises launched products become increasingly high-end, luxury, at the same time, companies also according to the requirements of foodservice operators launched meets the needs of the individualized product.
2014 Shanghai international hotel supplies exposition of the desktop stationery plate not only have desktop display of tableware and household utensils have desktop display of the auxiliary supplies, to distinguish from the product material is ceramic, glass, stainless steel, treasure, acrylic plastic, crystal, melamine, bamboo and green environmental protection material, etc. Food and beverage container desktop products from a single function, the development to the "shape" and "color" is having a unique style, combined with practical, not only can the dining experience of customer goodwill and pleasing to the eye, at the same time for the service of the restaurant staff to provide more convenient. From convenient packing and wash the dishes, resistance to high temperature is not easy to damage the vessel, the high strength and light weight of the round table turntable, etc. New techniques, new technologies, new materials application in catering desktop products constantly updated, tableware raw materials is more and more attention to low carbon environmental protection, heat stress, ceramic and glass crystal tableware more resonant, melamine tableware production technology constantly updated to avoid the release of harmful substances, focus on the user's health. In addition more contains the health care function, the tableware of antibacterial function arises at the historic moment, become the new trend of catering desktop products development.