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The Park Hotel Shanghai (Shanghai Guoji Fandian),  housed in one of Shanghai's most famous buildings,  is located on Nanjing Road near People's Square in the center of the city. The hotel's Art Deco architecture and superb setting makes it popular with tourists looking for an authentic taste of Shanghai's Jazz-Age history.This Shanghai hotel is within walking distance to top attractions such as the historic Bund,  the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum.[View Detail]

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  • billybl2011
    It wasn't too bad
  • boboear
    What is a classic? this is classic, Bell is a big, but very warm and worthy of praise
  • m02284598
    Location is super nice, hotel was witnessed during that time.
  • aurora2009
    Too bad, I booked two nights, but brush only to noon the next day, still have to go and back cards, have never faced this kind of hotel, bad review
  • m04833526
    Subway station, very convenient
  • e00059967
    Travel in the vicinity of where you want to go to a hotel.
  • a_perfect_day
    All right
  • cc210625
    Which is very nice
  • evain2006
    Tax-included pricing trance-death attack Egypt Egypt Egypt love is love
  • panstar
    Which is very nice
  • bepa1114129
    History and nostalgia, it is worth staying
  • linjieting
    Very nice hotel, very good location, nice
  • gapuman
    Facilities are old but are clean. Attitude of service at front desk was bad.
  • pdffs
    Facility is old, a famous and good location, more expensive, private pay cost is not high
  • floda74
    Annual to are live here! this year first times staying disappointed. and in previous years facilities service fundamental can't than! set continuous three late discount offers 700+, live has a late room wet mold taste is heavy! facilities old no zhiqian good, supplies also low has grade! ahead of away from shop for hotel, results room into 900+ is 1000 block. more pay money also not has, so long of shop, is not back second times has. live has years of fixed place, hey. seems this old hotel has was new of evenLock Hotel enough, bad management, location is useless.
  • Lornaliu
  • plus574
    Service is very intimate, a door, someone to help with luggage, hotel is very retro, plus 100 Yuan in upgrading the standard window, very happy.
  • alex_liao86
    To tell the truth, really only as standards. hardware, such as network, tap, beds in the room than hanting. prices are a lot higher, since the name of the Shanghai International Hotel; never again stay at this.
  • june522
    So noisy, the window of the compressor is too noisy, 8/f, still had a bad fight, no air conditioning, quilt is upset, it is not recommended
  • MARS198
    Environmental services are good
  • Angel Li
    Hotel location very good! in the pedestrian street of Nanjing Road West! opposite the Metro station, reception warm and has a long history, is very characteristic! next time will stay! recommended!
  • mitian16
    Very comfortable!
  • A chick
    Excellent location, just across from the Metro Line 2 exit 9th. Side streets selling food, very convenient. Room decoration is also good.
  • realleader
    Nice is also very hard to find, next to Nanjing Road, opposite the people's square subway station
  • cade1114sdo
    Book friends of friends very happy
  • mabingbing
    Hotels in the city centre of Shanghai, have no say in Shanghai is superb, service is also in place, but also first-class, fully embodies the spirit of the old Shanghai service connotation and character. praise.
  • alex2837
    Hotel location on in square side Shang, real of core lots. as Shanghai beach first home international of high-end luxury hotel, even fast has near Centennial history, still not behind. hotel lobby more style, whole environment also is more clean clean. room partial small, equipment facilities does somewhat era has, but housing in is quiet. breakfast great's, varieties not more, but taste good. General,, advantage is its location and long history, price slightly partial your, But can also be accepted.
  • bei_lv
    As always so comfortable! great!
  • ceair620361221
    Accessibility, warmth is the best choice for business travel.
  • st03lts
    Hotel Nice rooms although a bit older is very comfortable
  • LOVE T
  • aameidd
    Very happy, the hotel to upgrade me to suite, air conditioning a little loud.
  • ardons
    Hotel has a great location, convenient transportation, adjacent to Nanjing Road
  • anjoyr
    Attracted and to, results than satisfactory. hotel location very good, out is Metro, very convenience, this is only of advantages. may is too old, may is tourist too full, hotel is long no update hardware has, staying Hou found bathroom door of hinge are fell to has, shut not Shang, Hou room. room air bad, area than smaller, wall Shang of wiring socket enough with, carry electronic products to rotation with charging. no shower room, only bathtub, space cramped. this priceWorth, the next time you won't pick it up.
  • longmanwy
    Convenient, comfortable, rich old Shanghai style, really good!
  • rongcnye
    Just to hotel door, a Qin incense will head-on and to until whole Hall. regardless of old of door child also is other front desk personnel, attitude are is kind enthusiasm, praise a! again for said facilities; this, does somewhat points lost. first late I staying of room, bathroom problem more cannot accept; dad mom staying of room had for noise too ring victims have two bit old comrade night are didn't rest good, but total Taiwan active adjustment, because geographical of considerations, also is continues to staying has down; second,Toiletries like is missing, you have to carefully look for, or it will be just like dad, readily torn prominently in dim light wash suits. it is extra charge drops. friendly environment, friendly service attitude, matched with standard hotel amenities, this journey will be more perfect.
  • sjx19750713
    Old hotel feel, intimacy
  • OrangeMM
    Good location very convenient, hotel rooms are very comfortable ... just outside the Metro exit 8th people's square, the landmark international hotel was once. 2 floor booked a table in the evening, relatives are still satisfied.
  • Jimmy/cai
    Very old
  • e03111516
    Attracted, very disappointed. Hotel so many mosquitoes, bite at least 6 Pack. 30 days of incredibly turned off the air conditioning, the name 'Breeze'! call reflects ignored! Old house smell, just for nostalgia, and didn't think the night Manager no matter what! Not coming back.
  • lemon929
    Great deal! Perfect location! Good staff! A must if you come Shanghai!
  • bobby88888
    Overall feeling is OK, overall assessment of medium.
  • fujimei
    Perfect location with 3 minutes walk to metro.Cafe and food street stay nearby.Service is acceptable.Staff is helpful but not always smile.
  • mymymy1206
    Hotel location is very good in the people's square station 8th exit, very striking, really have a taste of the old Shanghai-walk to Nanjing Road pedestrian street about 10 minutes or so-travel relatively convenient-very rich and satisfied-
  • alfonso2004
    Just out of the room, very good location, close to Metro travel is convenient
  • caja520
    Environment is very convenient, nice
  • anniesunny
    Hotel location very convenience, Metro Line 2 line 8th, export, walk 1 minutes to; around catering very convenient, small Dr health fried,; away from Nanjing Road Street a few minutes Bell on to. hotel facilities somewhat old, but full old Shanghai of breath, to staying of guest many, handle procedures need, some time, General for, for initial to Shanghai of guest, feel about also is can.
  • davidtdw
    Old hotel, cosy and convenient
  • muscleyw
    Old uncomfortable is not a five-star rating.
  • carrie.j
    Nice old hotel